Were you one of those kids that knew what they wanted to be at age 10? Did you follow that dream or did you settle for something that pays the bills?

If this fits you perfectly then I can relate. I love shopping and whenever I was having a bad day I would go sit at the computer and shop away. It was just so relaxing. I also had a thing for comforters and blankets. I told myself one day I am going to open a boutique.

When I became a mother to four, I wanted to be there for my kids, So, I started my Shopify store called A bit Unique Boutique. It was doing well and then people started telling me that it was not worth it, and I should just stop. I let them get the best of me and decided to not put effort into it. So I let it go for a while. Then during the pandemic, I got to thinking and realized that my store is my dream, and I am going to pursue my dream and I do not care who does not like it. I hired a virtual assistant to handle the email marketing and social media while I handle the inventory and the orders. Running a business is a lot to do on your own, so trust me when I say getting help is good.

Moral of the story is to go live your dream. I promise you it will all be worth it in the end.

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